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CBD Releaf Spray: 500mg

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Intended for on-the-go application, you can spray this on the areas of pain. In a convenient sized bottle, with 500mg of pure nano-isolate CBD, this is great for addressing various pains and aches. Inflammation, bruises, soreness, muscle fatigue/aches, sprains, and mechanical injuries.

Featured Ingredients:

turmeric root, aloe vera, caffeine




This product helps mitigate pain from: Various forms of inflammation, bruises, soreness, muscle fatigue/aches, sprains, and mechanical injuries.

There is no overwhelming scent from pain masking agents like menthol, this product will not stain your clothing, and this product doesn’t leave an oily residue on the skin.

This water based pain relief spray contains 500mg of 99.9% pure nano-isolate CBD, meaning that there is 0% THC in this product. This product contains Aloe vera which is a great antioxidant for addressing irritation, burns, and other skin related pains. Turmeric root is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory in the world, giving us a heightened ability to deal with inflammation.

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Weight 4 oz


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